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We have worked with a variety of industrial, commercial and military concerns on numerous development projects covering the full gamut of electronics technologies, applications, installations and environments, so chances are high that we are already familiar with your application needs and can provide you with an effective time and cost saving solution.

Try the New Teknitronica “Bright Ideas Service”, we are committed to meet our Customers’ needs and to give you only the best.

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Who we are

As Representative of major worldwide quality oriented Companies, with over 20 years experience in the electronic field, New Teknitronica has developped into a skilled interconnection, coaxial and microwave components source and it is founder and part of Connectors Europe Group, as well as a specialist in optoelectronics application for major markets with specific attention to Automotive, Telecom, Data processing, and Industrial.

  • NewTeknitronica - Who we are
  • NewTeknitronica - Who we are
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What we do

Our components are manufactured to the ISO 9000 / ISO 14001 / TS16469 / CSA / UL certifications and are RoHs compliant as well as Halogen free.
You will enjoy the security of knowing that each product New Teknitronica is offering to you has been designed with high quality materials and engineered to optimize the performance characteristics still providing low cost installations and an excellent reliability.

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With over 30 years of experience they are all professional manufacturers of Electronic Components specialised in Connectors such us wire to wire pin headers and sochets coaxials terminal block idc circulars wire to board modular jacks waterproof...simply the best

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Leoco ISO/TS16949

Leoco(Suzhou) passed the ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification

The ISO/TS16949 quality management system is an international technical specification of automobile industry and the general standard to measure suppliers’ quality management level. The certification of the ISO/TS16949 reflects Leoco’s quality management capacity has reached a new level and increases the competitive power and service quality of Leoco in automobile industry substantially.
At present, Leoco products cover many fields including automotive electronics, home appliances, new energy, intelligent equipment, industrial equipment relating to East Asia, Southeast, Europe, North America and other major sales market. The implementation of ISO/TS16949 quality management system is a significant strategic decision. The system will promote the development of Leoco in automobile industry in depth, while in other fields, Leoco will also adopt more strict management standards to provide better products and better services for new and old customers.